VBScript Find and Replace in File Names – fnfindandreplace.vbs

I have found, lately, that updating file names for large numbers of files to be tedious and time consuming. Lots of times I’ll find myself going through hundreds of files changing the underscore character to space, or removing some tag.

Finding this really annoying and time consuming, I decided to write and share another script with you guys.

I packaged this all up nicely so that you can test what you’re doing before you decide to commit your changes, check for case sensitivity and some other nice features.

I took some functions from from previous articles I wrote and wrapped it all up into one nice script.

Here is the output from the -? switch:

This script must be run with cscript.exe.
Syntax: cscript.exe fnfindandreplace.vbs [options] <StringToFind> <StringToRepla
-v = Verbose
-cs = Case Sensitive
-x = Commit
-r = Recursive
-q = Quiet
-? = Displays This Message

As always, questions and comments are welcome!



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