Simple XML Tool Written with VBScript in HTA

I don’t know how many of you out there have had the pleasure of trying to integrate a website into the Google Checkout API but it’s a surprisingly painless process. They have a bunch of sample code that helps to streamline and accelerate the process drastically.

Google has this nice control panel where it tells you what XML it was submitting and what error was returned, which is really handy. Without it, troubleshooting issues would be pretty much impossible. Well during the course of troubleshooting these issues I really needed to test the exact XML that Google was trying to submit to the XML listener I had setup.

Well I did a quick Google and I couldn’t find any really simple tools to submit XML to a generic URL and see what kind of response the URL would return. Since this seemed like something a lot of people (well developers anyway) would be doing on a really regular basis I decided to whip up a quick tool to save myself and anyone who felt like using it, a bunch of time.

Since my language of choice for speed and simplicity is obviously VBScript, I decided to whip up an HTA with the appropriate fields and utilize a bunch of stock functions I had already written. This whole thing took about 10 minutes to write and I think works pretty well. I use it all the time to troubleshoot my projects as well as client issues that might pop up.

If you’re not familiar with HTA’s all they are is a client executed IE page where you can also execute VBScript (or JavaScript if that’s your thing.) Just copy and paste this code into a text file and rename the extension to .HTA and double click the resulting file.



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