Earlier I posted a blog about how to use SNMPGET to return information from any SNMP OID, or Object ID, that we were interested in retrieving information from. It was pretty easy and straight forward to pull this information. We used a utility from¬†NETSNMP called SNMPGET.exe to get this information. Well in that same SNMP … Read more

VBScript SNMP Queries

In the course of my work as a server administrator, it has become desirable to know what kind of hardware was currently being used in some of our servers. Well, it has been pretty easy to pull this kind of information from WMI. Nearly all of the hardware specs can be pulled using these traditional … Read more

Site Overhaul and Update

As you may have noticed I’m overhauling the site design and modernizing it. I’ll import all of my old posts as time permits in the coming weeks. For the moment you can find all of my old posts in Google cache. Thanks for your patience!