Reading, Writing, Deleting and Renaming Registry Keys in VBScript

Manipulating the registry is one of the most common tasks a Windows system administrator runs into. It can often become a time consuming task. When you have to change a registry setting on hundreds or even thousands of computers, manipulating a particular key or setting can be next to impossible if you had to do … Read more

VBScript Find and Replace in File Names – fnfindandreplace.vbs

I have found, lately, that updating file names for large numbers of files to be tedious and time consuming. Lots of times I’ll find myself going through hundreds of files changing the underscore character to space, or removing some tag. Finding this really annoying and time consuming, I decided to write and share another script … Read more

More Really Useful VBScript Array Functions – ArraySort and DoubleArraySort

A while back I wrote an article about VBScript arrays and their various shortcomings entitled “VBScript Array Functions – DeleteFromArray, InArray”. I love these functions because they really simplify the manipulation of arrays and directly address some of the obvious flaws with the initial implementation of arrays in VBScript. At the end of that article, … Read more

SQL Server Database Mirroring Limitations and Gotchas

I have been working pretty extensively with SQL Server Mirroring in Microsoft SQL Server 2005. It seems to work pretty effectively, though setup outside a domain configuration is convoluted to say the least. I have posted in the past about some problems I have had setting it up. My difficulties with the configuration aspect actually … Read more

VBScript Array Functions – DeleteFromArray, InArray

VBScript has a infamously weak implementation of array capabilities. There often comes situations where you’d like to manipulate an array and VBScript just doesn’t have the functionality built in natively. One of the things that I need to do frequently is delete a value from an array. Well to do this you have too loop … Read more

VBScript MD5Hash and IsHex Functions to Calculate MD5 File Hashes

Recently I was tasked with synchronizing directories between two different servers. Because files can change, become corrupted or otherwise altered without changing any of their attributes, it was pretty essential to ensure that these files were exactly the same. There are a few utilities out there that can do this for you but one of … Read more